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* RSC Progress Report *


SSC 5.02.155  (16 August,2015)
 *New  :  Add Stock Splitting option.

SSC 5.01.48  (24 Jan,2015)
 *New  :  Add SQL Accounting (Firebird) link support.

SSC 5.01.20 (31 May,2014)
*New  :  Add Multiple quantity, multiple items + improvements.

SSC 499R76 (06 October,2013)
*New  : MS SQL Server Support

RSC 450j  (10 August,2012)
*New  : Advantage Database Server Supported

RSC 446o  (3 October,2011)
*New  : Webcam picture/video tapping support

RSC 446i  (6 Septembert,2011)
*Improved: Online SQL Reports & minor logical bugs

RSC 446d (22 August,2011)
*Improved: Online SQL Reports & minor bugs

RSC 444d  (19 August,2011)
*Improved: Online SQL Reports

RSC 444b  (30 June,2011)
*New : Online Employee Login SQL Reports on multiple locations

RSC 443e  (25 May,2011)
*New : Online SQL Reports on multiple locations

RSC 430n  (04 Oct,2010)
*New : Application Scaling

RSC 342i
*New : Support Direct Upload to VPN Server
*New : Lexus Web Service provides Online data on Web browsers

RSC 341n
*New : Support Video Text overlay Server card
*New : Support Video Text Overlay Unit

RSC 3.39m
*New : Support Video Text Overlay on RSC

RSC 3.39a
*New : Accepts windows supplement language support (password)

RSC 3.38f
*New : Per stock item tracking + report

RSC 3.38c
*Improved: Data restore with changeable drive & path

RSC 3.38a
*New : Simple inter-branch stock transfer *2210-1

RSC 3.38
*Fixed : Returned items with discounts on *421-*424
*Improved: Data backup with changeable drive & path

RSC 3.27
*Fixed : Minor reported minor problem

RSC 3.25b
*New : Online collection on WAN (Wide Area Network) *46

RSC 3.22g
*New : Allow FOC(Price=0) in change price during sales

RSC 3.21
*NEW : Introduction of serial number management
*Improved: Invoicing & account system

RSC 3.08u
*New : Send all reported error messages to Lexus Computer
*Improved: Fix minor display and program bugs

RSC 3.08u
*New : Send all reported error messages to Lexus Computer
*Improved: Fix minor display and program bugs

RSC 3.07x
*New : Ability to ren stock name without affecting others
*New : User defined packing size & quantity
*New : Supplier & supply list

RSC 3.07u
*New : Ability to print employee id (with pictures) 
*New : Gondola product info printing (barcode+pictures)
*Improved: P.O.,Auto P.O.,invoicing & accounting System (PDF) + barcode

RSC 3.07t
*New : Malaysian Smart card i/c support on bonus card, emp login..
*New : Inactie Stock report
*New : Supplier's product list *563

RSC 3.07p
*New : Barcode conflicts report *461
*Improved: Stock Report with supplier filter *411

RSC 3.07p
*New : Barcode conflicts report *461
*Improved: Stock Report with supplier filter *411

RSC 3.07i
*New : Monthly Sales+Stock Report *4210
*New : Monthly Stock Movement report *316
*New : Define Goods return Note list *375
*New : Auto backup critical files on exit RSC.
*Fixed : Employee Login/Logout without I/C causing error at sales menu

RSC 3.07d
*New : Define P.O. Black list items *374
*New : Stock Take consolidate data with Excel export functionality
*New : High value stock report *415
*Improved: Sales menu display
*Improved: Stock report with department and category filter
*Fixed : Barcode support on sales return item (Sales menu)

RSC 3.07c
*Improved: New,update,adjust,receiving ref added supplier code prefix
*Improved: Stock report *411
*Improved: Add 'distributor for' at supplier database
*Improved: Stock search engine *231 & cost+user awareness *35

RSC 3.07b
*NEW : Option to save stock take reports to MS EXCEL worksheet.
*New : Option to Save reports to a file for later view/manage.
*New : full feature Print lucky draw ticket capabilities
*Fixed : Error printing tag.
*Fixed : C.N. from supplier / D.N to supplier is based on cost, not selling.
*Fixed : Missing Sub cost at Stock Reference posting report *2514,*2525 & *2535

RSC 3.06s
*New : Add-in printout to stock take worksheet to receipt printer
*New : Daily collection report by counter
*New : Sales Report R421 with report export to MS Excel feature
*New : full feature Print cash voucher capabilities

RSC 3.06q
*New : Add-in Sales summary + counter collection - with time break down
*New : Add-in feature to reduce sales summary error due to physical database corrupted
*Fixed : some Itemize report without cost. Compatibility problem with previous dos version
*Fixed : error on daily sale report( without cost).
: Compatibility problem with previous dos version
*Fixed : Minor problem on daily sales report (show without cost)
*Fixed : user Access denied. Due to internal coding '2512' mistakenly as '2612'

RSC 3.06j
*New : All standalone mode will have full sales mode access

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