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Reliable Windows Application Software with MSSQL, Access, Excel and ODBC Compatible Databases


What's disabled in your Demo Version?
The RSC Demo Version is a fully functional Point Of Sale solution. The RSC Demo Version can be put into live service then upgraded to a fully registered version later with all features and data intact. The demo wording will appear all the time and the word "DEMO" will appear on all printable receipts and reports. You can remove demo features by purchasing Lexus RSC dongle or obtaining a registration code (Unlock Code).

What kind of businesses can Lexus RSC support?
Our Point of Sale software can be used for many types of enterprises such as:
Retail Stores, Fast Food, Restaurant, Liquor Bars, Coffee Shops, Liquor Stores, Clothing, Hardware, Boutiques, Gift Shops, Toy Stores, General Merchandise, Quick Service Restaurants, Most Hard Goods, Grocery and Convenience Stores and more. Many customizable settings are available in Lexus RSC that allow you to "Fine Tune" the software for your enterprise. Simply download our DEMO VERSION and try Lexus RSC in your business today!

Can Lexus RSC  Demo Version be upgraded to the fully registered product later?

Lexus RSC can be unlock at ANY time by key in the Lexus RSC unlock code  or just plug in the RSC dongle to the USB port. You will need to purchase Lexus RSC prior to registering. Please consult our PRICE LIST for details.

Can I get a Lexus RSC on CD for free?

Due to the expense of duplicating, shipping and handling we offer Lexus RSC on CD for a small fee. To order the Lexus RSC Licensed or Demo version please consult our PRICE LIST for details. The Lexus RSC DOWNLOAD is available on our Web Site at NO CHARGE.

Can I get a manual to accompany the Demo Version?

The installation manual is provided on our web site and on the distribution disk. The manual can be printed using Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Can my existing data be imported into Lexus RSC?

Please contact Lexus Computer support personal for technical assistant, or email all your questions to  

Will Lexus RSC interface to Quick Books or accounting programs?

Lexus RSC is fully integrated with an accounting module built in. In most cases there is no need to directly interface to other applications. Lexus RSC uses industry standard files which can be exported in a variety of methods to other applications if required.

How many Registers or Terminals can the Network version of Lexus RSC handle?

Lexus RSC Network can connect up to 10 terminals or Registers at one time. Lexus RSC can be expanded to more terminals if required. Lexus RSC Express is designed for use on a Single terminal or Register.

How many Companies are allowed with Lexus RSC?

Lexus RSC has no restrictions on the number of companies that can be managed. Lexus RSC can contain any reasonable number of companies.

Can portable data terminals be used with Lexus RSC to manage our inventory?

Lexus RSC currently supports the Percon Falcon 31x and 33x Portable Terminal line. You can scan or enter items and quantities then instantly update your inventory and receive items. Bar codes can be scanned then printed with a PDT.

My company has several locations, can I give copies of Lexus RSC to each location without charge?

You may use Lexus RSC at no additional charge to manage an unlimited number of companies at your main location only. With Lexus RSC Network you can have up to 10 Registers connected at one time. You must purchase additional copies of Lexus RSC that will be used in different physical locations. By purchasing additional copies we can provide support for each of your locations directly.

Can I get Free Technical Support?

Lexus  provides LIMITED free support by E-Mail only. Telephone and Technical Support Plans can be arranged for a nominal fee. Please contact us for details.

Can Lexus Computer  provide hardware for our company?

Lexus Computer does not sell/support computer hardware directly to our client. Please contact out authorized for our recommend hardware systems. We can also  provide your company with information to allow you to acquire hardware, network installation and support from a number of approved sources that have a proven record of service. If you prefer to purchase equipment or hardware for use with Lexus SMC click for a list of SUPPORTED HARDWARE
and Authorized Dealers.

We will contact you by email within 24 hours after you have paid.
If you have not received your payment confirmation email please try the following:

1. Notify us to resend your registration email.
2. If you have a bulk mail or junk mail folder, check to see if our email is there.
3. Make sure that you don't have any * spam * blocking software installed that may limit us from communicating with you.
4. Check to see if your inbox is full. If it is full, you may need to delete some existing emails in order to receive new ones.
5. After deleting emails, notify us to resend your registration email.

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